Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cambodia's IT Strongman touts e-gov in a country where not many people have Internet access?

Cambodian PM touts e-government

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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced plans to install video-conferencing facilities at key military headquarters throughout the country to promote e-government, national media said on Friday.

The move would reduce government spending on transportation and improve national security, English-language daily newspaper the Phnom Penh Post quoted him as saying.

"We are moving towards e-government, and we will continue to install video-conferencing systems at all regional military headquarters for commanding soldiers," he said.

"With video conferencing, we can reduce costs and work faster," he said, noting that military and civilian officials would need to attend fewer meetings in person.

In terms of national security, the technology will facilitate communication with military officials stationed far from Phnom Penh, as the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of National Defense will use the technology, he added.

After returning from a trip to Kuwait last week, the premier participated in a video conference with 23 provincial governors, an experience that convinced him of the benefits of investing further in the technology, Xinhua reported.


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