Sunday, January 9, 2011

Japan pretty girl update

Honesty a requirement for auditions: Nagasawa
Wednesday 23rd June, 03:19 AM JST

TOKYO — Actresses Yasuko Sawaguchi, 45, Maki Mizuno, 40, Masami Nagasawa, 23, and others attended a press conference in Tokyo this week for the “Toho Cinderella” audition. Mizuno and Nagasawa—who are the “scouting chief” and “scouting manager”—recounted interesting tales from their own past auditions while a series of photographs from the time played on a large screen behind them.

Mizuno said she took her first audition after being spurned by a guy, as a type of “revenge.” Nagasawa said that on her CV under “special skills,” her mother had written “jazz dance,” but at one final audition when she was told to give a quick performance, she refused. “I thought, ‘I’m not confident, and this isn’t really a special skill at all,’” explained the actress, “Sometimes, it’s necessary to have that kind of honesty.”

Auditions will begin July 1, with a grand prix held in January of next year.
Reunion festival celebrates release of new Tetsuya Nakashima film
Saturday 29th May, 06:00 AM JST

TOKYO — To celebrate the upcoming release of the Tetsuya Nakashima film “Kokuhaku,” starring Takako Matsu, a movie festival was held this week to screen Nakashima’s other works. On hand were actresses Kyoko Fukada, 27, and Anna Tsuchiya, 26, who appeared in the film “Kamikaze Girls,” and Miki Nakatani, 34, of “Memories of Matsuko.”

Fukada joked about the filming of “Kamikaze,” saying, “The director was always getting angry, Anna would suddenly get pissed off. It was really rough.” Tsuchiya commented critically about “Kokuhaku,” a film about juvenile delinquency, saying, “The film is really dark and completely different from Nakashima’s past works.”

“Kokuhaku” opens June 5.
Uno Kanda releases fashion and business book 'Mrs Uno'
Thursday 05th November, 06:17 AM JST

TOKYO — Celebrity and fashion designer Uno Kanda, 34, wore a lovely brown ensemble to the Ginza branch of the Fukuya book store chain this week to shake hands with her fans and sign copies of her new collection of short essays – “Mrs Uno.”

The new book is her first attempt at writing since she got married to pachinko mogul Takuro Nishimura, 40, in late 2007. The 128-page piece features chapters titled “Uno’s Fashion Conversation,” “Uno’s Business Conversation,” and “Uno’s Private Conversation,” among others.

About 50 show biz reporters and photographers were also issued tickets for the special event, and reporters asked Kanda about her good friend and actress Misaki Ito’s upcoming wedding in Hawaii. Kanda said she hopes Ito wears the dress she designed for her, but added: “Isn’t it strange I won’t be the one getting married?” – a reference to her six wedding ceremonies with Nishimura.

“Mrs Uno” is on sale now for 1,449 yen (including tax.)
Toyota’s Corolla an inspiration for Ami Suzuki’s new song 'Kiss Kiss Kiss'
Thursday 08th October, 04:00 AM JST

TOKYO — Singer Ami Suzuki, 27, saddled up to Toyota’s new Corolla Fielder X 202 at the Shibuya-Ax live house this week to promote “House Nation,” a club tour which starts on Saturday and at which Suzuki will be a DJ.

Suzuki said her new song “Kiss Kiss Kiss,” which will be used as the theme song for the upcoming tour, was inspired by the Corolla. She said: “The song is about going for a drive at night to enjoy the evening view, with a cool guy in a suit, and wondering what might happen.” When asked if it was based on her personal experience, Suzuki got shy and said it wasn’t.

Suzuki also commented on the battering the music scene has taken recently following singer and actress Noriko Sakai’s indictment for possessing and using stimulants, and the images broadcast of her DJ performance. “Since then, people have become concerned and asked me if I’m OK, just because I’m a DJ. I want to show that clubbing is not about all those scandals.”
Masuwaka looking the goods with mobile hair iron
Monday 21st September, 06:40 AM JST

TOKYO — “Charisma Model” Tsubasa Masuwaka, 23, was in Harajuku this week to show off what your hair could look like if you use professional hair styling tool TSUYAGLA Perfect. Masuwaka stars in the TV commercial for the new mobile hair iron, currently on air and in which she sports three other gorgeous hairstyles made possible by the latest version.

Its predecessor proved quite the hit with the ladies, selling more than a quarter of a million units. The new iron comes in Virgin White, Candy Pink and Midnight Navy, and boasts a maximum power of 200 degrees Celsius. A two-hour charge ensures up to 40 minutes of mobile hair care.

Masuwaka said that her husband, model Naoki Umeda, 26, loves her curls and added: “Women always want to be cute, regardless of time or place.”

TSUYAGLA Perfec is available through Prime Shopping Japan for 12,800 yen plus 945 yen for shipping.


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