Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wissam Hanna

Wissam Hanna is former Mister Lebanon who becoming one of the most success Lebanese male model in western countries. He was the winner of Mister International 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. You can see him in several Major campaign of Armani, D&G, Calvin Klein and many more. This Muslim Hunk from Lebanon one of famous male model in his country and becoming one of permanent Judge in Mister Lebanon Pageant.

As my last post said, that Wissan Hanna is one of admirer model for Mohammed Chamsedine, Mister Lebanon 2001 and the runner up of Mister Intenational 2009. Believe me even he was a handsome guy, he wasn;t stupid like other good looking men. He's actually was an Master of Law from University of Lebanon in Beirut.

Wissam iss not only smart and hot but he was also an Philantropist. He joined several charity event in his country. Many rumours said that this Muslim Hunk is a Gay but he rejected the gossip and said that he have a girlfriend.

He was from Jezzine city of Lebanon and have ambition to becoming a lawyer. Hmm...what kind of lawyer he could be? maybe all of his women client will be crazy in him and suddenly forget about their situation. : ).
See his biography below:

Wissam Hanna Biography:
  • Full name : Wissam Hanna
  • Nationality : Lebanon
  • Place/Date Of Birth : Jezzine/14 April 1981
  • Height : 183 Cm
  • Weight : 67 Kg
  • Eyes color : Hazel
  • Hair Color : Brown
  • Education : Master Of Law
  • Occupation : Model
  • Titles : Mister Lebanon 2005 (Winner), Best Model Lebanon 2005 (Winner), Manhunt International(Mr.Photogenic & Mr.Internet Popularity), Mister International 2006(Winner)


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